Process Methodology + Hit4SEO



The process we follow here at Hit4SEO starts from the discovery of the requirements. We engage with the customer on a proactive dialogue to understand the requirements better. We ask questions - this is what we are good at. We believe strongly that no question is a stupid question and ask a lot of questions to ensure that we get our understanding right. Once we have understood the application desired by the client we put in recommendations based on our expertise and ensure that world standard features are implemented in within the process. This discovery process usually takes 2-3 weeks time depending on the project size and is done by our business analysis team. Once the discovery process, the result output is that we come with a defined "Scope of Work" (SOW) document that forms as a base or a bible for the project overall.


Post generation of the SOW, we strategize and make a detailed plan of action that includes planning of resources required on a higher level and goes down to the T to the task level (literally). During this phase we generate test cases and use cases to ensure and make sure that none of the items are missed in the strategic planned. A detailed level project strategy planning is done which also takes in consideration for the planned holidays, resource contingencies and thorough risk assessment is done.


Once the discovery and strategization is done we start on the execution where in our database experts, programmings, UI experts jump into action on the tasks defined by the project management team. Since most of the definition is done in the Strategization phase this is a relatively RAD process. Our programming team and Quality assurance team checks for all possible errors that are generated, code optimization and ensure well documented, clean and bug free code for delivery. After the programming, codebase is optimized heavily for efficiency and speed and if it is a web based application thorough optimization is done to achieve: SEO friendliness, A grade for YSlow and A grade for Google Pagespeed.


We love to learn and we analyze every project carefully, map efficiency of the resources and also analyze business processes and come out with a follow through plan on how to make things better in within the said application.