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Affiliate Management Services with Hit4SEO

Affiliate marketing is basically a revenue-sharing arrangement between the business owner (merchant), and free agents (affiliates). The affiliate can be an individual blogger working from home, or large media organizations with a portfolio of online publications. Under this arrangement, the affiliate promotes the merchant’s products and offers, with the understanding that a percentage of each sale generated would be paid to the affiliate.

That’s why it’s also commonly referred to as performance-based advertising; you pay for measurable performance and quantifiable results. This is drastically different from traditional media advertising, where you pay the agency for pure hit-or-miss mass exposure.

Hit4SEO specializes in Digital Marketing with a special focus on Affiliate Marketing and Management. At Hit4SEO we help businesses optimize their affiliate marketing efforts, campaigns to deliver more high quality traffic and sales than their competitors.

Hit4SEO is renowned for quality of our vetted affiliate network. We focus on engaging with the right kind of partners to deliver targeted advertisement efforts through our affiliates. The targeting done is through all the platforms, desktop and mobile as well.